How to care for your wooden windows
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The way in which our timber windows are handled and stored can affect their long-term performance, good practice avoiding damage to maintain quality and saves money. It's important to study this guide, if you have any questions please call us.

1. Delivery and storage

Where possible windows should be kept on site for a minimal time prior to fitting. If windows are to be stored on site a suitable storage location should be prepared ready for delivery.

Upon delivery the windows should be checked to ensure they are in accordance with the order, any damages should be reported immediately to our office.

Even if pre-treated or factory finished windows must be stored under cover, preferably inside the property and protected from damage and moisture. If they are stored outside ensure they are kept above the ground using bearers and covered with a tarpaulin allowing space for air circulation. Do not use a polythene sheet as this can act like a greenhouse causing damp conditions.

Wherever possible windows should be stored in the sequence of fitting to avoid double handling, the window labels will make them easily identifiable. If windows are stacked use spacers in between to avoid damage, avoid dragging windows across each other if stacked.

Pre-glazed windows must be stored vertically to ensure water does not lay within the glazed rebates.

2. Handling

Always lift the window by its frame and carry vertically to avoid any distortion. Do not carry the window by opening casements or glazing bars.

Any protective packaging should remain intact until fitting is to take place.

3. Installation

Windows should be fitted square, true and plum in accordance with the following guide:

If any part of the window is drilled or cut, touch up the exposed timber with a suitable preservative before any final coats.

Pre-treated or primed windows should have at least one finishing coat applied to the back side before installation, once fitted we strongly recommend decoration be commenced as soon as possible (preferably within a few days). Prolonged exposure of bare timber / base coats will affect the long-term performance of subsequent coats.

Ensure all surfaces and edges are in good condition before applying any finishing coats. If the base coat has deteriorated it should be recoated before further finishing coats are applied.

If the base coated windows have been exposed on site for longer than 3 months (either fitted or in a open storage area) the coat must be sanded back and a fresh coat applied before any finishing coat.

Finishing should be carried out in dry weather using good quality materials in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. On the external faces the finish must be an exterior quality paint or ‘high build’ stain (‘low build’ types of stain should not be used on external surfaces.). Second coats or under coats must be applied within 3 months of primed / base coated windows becoming exposed to the elements.

Please note the use of dark coloured paint or stain finishes on windows will result in high surface temperatures and can increase the risk of resin exudation through the finish, particularly if the windows are located on the south or south west elevations of the buildings.

Factory finished windows should be checked for any on-site damage to the finish and small areas made good prior to installation.

4. Glazing

For advice on glazing see our ‘Glazing a timber window’ guide.

We may disclaim responsibility for any defect or failure that may subsequently occur which is attributable to non-compliance with the advice given on this information sheet.

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