Wood vs Plastic – there’s no comparison really – Wooden Windows

Wood vs Plastic – there’s no comparison really

October 31, 2017 ~ Wooden Windows

We know our name speaks for itself, but we believe wooden windows far exceed uPVC for many reasons.

If you are developing a property, whether that be a new or old building, choosing a timber based frame will be beneficial both aesthetically and practically. Timber performs more effectively than uPVC as it improves the thermal efficiency of a home and it is a naturally insulating material. Not only that but it is sustainable and durable and can last for hundreds of years as long as it is looked after. 

Unlike uPVC which cannot be simply repaired, wooden frames can easily be brought back to life if they weather or wear. They can be painted or stained to update them, keep them current and increase longevity. Not only that, but wood suits all styles of building from listed or period properties to modern and contemporary builds.  

If you are renovating a period property, you want to keep the charm and sophistication when updating it. By choosing a wooden window over uPVC you can ensure the authenticity remains intact. Sash windows are typically Victorian and still look great on any older building. They encapsulate the character of the house and by replacing the windows like for like but with a modernised version you are keeping the vintage persona without the worry of a draft or rot. As most windows come double glazed as standard, the new windows can ensure energy efficiency in a traditional setting.  

Our stunning sliding sash windows come in a range of colours, a full draught exclusion system, lockable catches, and with chrome / satin / or gold finishings while the spiral balances give ultimate performance and adjustment. 

Of course if you are renovating a listed building you have to abide by strict rules and regulations to ensure the nature and character of the property is preserved. Often the windows are flush and again, a wooden window is generally the answer to this. 

By investing in high quality wooden windows, the property would still look authentic and would ensure the renovation is long lasting due to the longevity which is achievable with timber. The flush casement windows we offer have a multipoint locking system which would be beneficial to a listed property as well as a variety of colour options, so they can fit right into the nature of the building. 

If you are renovating a more modern property Stormproof Wooden Windows are a fantastic option. With a rebated casement opening which lips over the outer face of the window frame, these are the ultimate window for providing excellent draught exclusion. Not only do they look stylish and sophisticated but they offer a practical solution to a new window installation. A Stormproof window is suitable for most buildings as again, they are aesthetically pleasing and can be modified to suit the style of any house.

Wooden Windows has over 40 years’ experience combined in the joinery and manufacturing industry and delivers high quality service from its 95,000sq ft complex in Stoke-on-Trent.  

Wooden Windows uses the latest technology to deliver high performing timber window production. It boasts a proactive computer aided design team and a computer controlled manufacturing facility, which combined, works towards creating top quality windows at competitive prices.  

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