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Why choose timber windows?

May 19, 2021 ~ Wooden Windows

With many alternatives now available, you may question whether timber windows are still a viable option for your home. However, there’s a reason why this traditional construction material has stood the test of time.

Whilst their aesthetic qualities remain a key attraction for many homeowners, timber windows have developed dramatically in the last few years which mean they are now also more durable and long-lasting than ever before, rivalling the benefits of other modern materials.

We’ve compiled a list of the key reasons to choose timber windows over other alternatives:


Put simply, any style of window can be made from timber, from traditional sliding sashes for a period home to minimal, modern designs. The workability of timber means we can offer completely bespoke designs at made-to-measure sizes, which you can create and order via our online design tool.


Wooden window frames have been used for many years, far outlasting any other material used for window frames. Whilst the upfront cost may be more than for UPVC windows, wooden windows can last for as long as 60 years when maintained – around twice the length of the lifespan of a UPVC window – making them a long-term investment and much better value in the long run. They can also be repaired if needed, again extending their life, whereas UPVC or metal would need to be replaced.

We offer softwood and hardwood windows, all of which come with a five year guarantee. Whilst both options will provide extremely long lasting windows, hardwood is denser and more durable resulting in an even longer lifespan.

Strength and security

Engineered timber – softwood or hardwood – offers superior strength and stability to solid timber, and indeed UPVC. This means it can be used to make a wide range of styles and designs and sightlines can be thinner, as the windows are less likely to move or twist in situ. Engineered timber surpasses its competition for performance, durability and security in the window market. 

On the subject of security, it’s a common misconception that wooden windows are less secure than UPVC double glazing. However, all of our windows are double glazed and fitted with multi-point locking systems as standard.


Timber windows have a natural charm that can’t be replicated by their modern counterparts. Particularly with period properties, there is no other way of maintaining the authenticity and character of a building.

Timber windows offer a number of options in terms of finishing. They can be stained to preserve the wood’s natural tones, or painted to suit your personal preference – which, of course, also offers the option of repainting them a different colour in the future should you wish.

At Wooden Windows, we supply bare, treated or primed self-finish windows in as little as 7-10 days. Or, if you’d prefer to have the finished product arrive on site ready for installation, we can spray finish your windows in a range of colours.


Natural, renewable and biodegradable, when sourced from legal and sustainable sources – something we are committed to as a company – wood is the champion of environmentally-friendly materials. It has a much lower carbon footprint than other materials: when trees are harvested, most of the carbon stored in them is transferred to the wood products they produce; planting new trees absorbs more CO² due to the more vigorous growth of young trees; and timber has significantly less environmental impact during manufacturing than aluminium and UPVC.

The ability to maintain and repair timber windows, along with their longer lifespan, means less need to be made in the first place. Wood is also a better insulator than plastic or metal, and so is a great choice for reducing your carbon footprint around the home.

If you’ve decided timber windows are the right choice for your home, our team are on hand to talk you through any questions or queries you may have. You can also design your windows and get an instant quote on our website using our online design tool.