Watch your windows this summer – Wooden Windows

Watch your windows this summer

July 13, 2018 ~ Wooden Windows

During this sweltering weather, we all automatically reach to open our windows out as wide as they can go.

However, it’s worth noting that this isn’t always the safest option. Police see a rise in burglary reports every year during hot spells.

You may want to consider the following options to deter open window opportunists:

  • Only open windows that are not accessible from the outside
  • Fit child safety locks on to your windows, so they can only open to a set distance
  • Only open windows at night when the temperature is lower. Ensuring you only open those that are inaccessible from outside
  • For maximum security on your open window, install removable window bars onto the inside of any open windows to protect your property

Open windows aren’t always the answer in the heat. A well-insulated property can be a lot cooler if the windows are closed and blinds/curtains are kept drawn. This prevents the summer breeze blowing hot air in through the open windows. If you prefer an even cooler environment you can get a portable air conditioner which will make the room more refreshing.

If you’re looking to brighten up your home with new windows this summer and incorporate our recommended safety locks, have a look at our online window builder or call our team on 01782 608 476. You could have brand new, secure windows delivered in just 7-10 days!