Time to tackle those windows and doors… have you checked the latest Building Regs? – Wooden Windows

Time to tackle those windows and doors… have you checked the latest Building Regs?

June 14, 2018 ~ Wooden Windows

Before undertaking a project with windows and doors it’s always worth checking in with the current building regulations. 

To clear things up – the person carrying out the work, whether it’s replacement or repair, is the one who must be compliant.

Generally, if the work being carried out betters the windows and doors, which you would hope would always be the case, there should be no problems with moving forward with the development. Usually, there isn’t a need for planning permission but if the building is listed or in a conservation or other dedicated area, local planning authorities should be consulted.

In the instance that the windows and doors are being completely replaced, the person carrying out the work, no matter whether this is DIYer or an installation company, must ensure they are compliant with:

Building Regulations N – Safety and glazing

Building Regulations L – Thermal insulation

Building Regulations A – Structure

Building Regulations F – Ventilation

Building Regulations B – Means of escape

Building Regulations J – Combustion appliances and fuel storage systems

Building Regulations M – Access


If the person installing or repairing the windows and doors does not comply with the Building Regulations they may be fined, or they may be required to remove the work if it contravenes the regulations.


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