Spruce up your windows this spring – Wooden Windows

Spruce up your windows this spring

May 8, 2018 ~ Wooden Windows

Now that you’ve had your new windows fitted, how can you add a touch of spring to your house? Windows can be so much more than a view out of your home. If you’re feeling particularly crafty this spring, here’s a few ideas to get you started.


Window boxes

Think spring, think blooms and vibrant flowers.
To bring a little colour to your house, something simple yet effective is the use of window boxes.
You can buy basic window boxes at most hardware and DIY shops – or even make your own out of recycled wood or pallets to be extra sustainable. Then pick the flowers that you love. You can grow them from seeds or buy a mixture of pre-grown flowers.

It’s completely up to you what colour and design you opt for. The use of vibrant block colours is very fashionable right now if you want to stay on trend. You can get creative mixing a variety of colours and types of flower to match your personality – and if you have painted windows or shutters you can even colour coordinate. It’s a great way to spruce up your windows.


Adhesive film is a great way to accessorise your windows, and it can be found at most large DIY shops. Good for bathrooms and anywhere you want extra privacy. You can buy all sorts of styles, some of which particularly lend themselves to sunshine;


Holographic film looks quite interesting, with most coming in a splinter effect. It’s quite misleading in that it usually looks translucent. But when sun shines through your window the thousands of rainbow particles appearing on the surrounding walls will look stunning. This is great in big open spaces like landings and open plan kitchens and living rooms.

-Stained Glass

With a lot of different colours and patterns available, stained glass adhesive film is a great way of adding some interesting coloured light to your space.

Upcycle old windows

If you’ve recently changed your windows and want to use the old ones rather than being wasteful, why not upcycle them? There are so many ways to upcycle an old window frame, for use both inside or outside of your house.

Sanding down old wooden windows and painting them is the first step. From then there are loads you can do, like;

-Hang things from them; Like small hanging plants, rustic old keys, small ornaments and photographs – depending on where you display it.

-You can add chalkboard material behind it and have somewhere for your whole family to write notes.

-You could add cork material and turn it into a pinboard.

-You can nail several of them together and put glass panes behind them to create a mini greenhouse for succulents and small plants.

-Keep it simple and make a rustic photo frame – you don’t even have to paint it (we’d recommend sanding it to avoid the dreaded splinter)


If you love your new windows and doors, why don’t you replicate them for the fairies? This is a great springtime activity to do with kids. Using little bits of wood and twigs, create miniature windows and doors for the fairies! These look great outside on the base of trees, or in children’s rooms – the perfect way to explain how the tooth fairy gets in! Paint them different colours and even add flowers to them, the kids can really make them their own.

Those are just a few easy yet effective ways to use window-craft this spring/summer. Let us know if you incorporate any of these ideas into your home or garden and tweet us any pictures @WoodenWindowsUK, or post them on our Facebook Page – we’d love to see your creations.


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