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Replace and maintain your sliding sash windows

April 25, 2018 ~ Wooden Windows

Are you looking to replace your old, tired, sliding sash windows but you’re worried that modern day ones won’t fit right? And what if they don’t last?


Don’t worry – our windows don’t come in a standard size, they’re all made to measure so you can be sure they fit your property perfectly. You can input your exact measurements to our Sliding Sash Designer and watch your windows become a reality with little fuss and no worry.

Now the first concern is out of the way, what about maintaining your windows so they last as long as you do?

Here are some tips to make sure your windows, whether they are new or older, stay in good shape.

  1. Check your windows for rot – The issue of rot is one that applies to any outdoor wooden product, hopefully this won’t affect your windows if you take proper care of them. Fungus thrives in moist and wet conditions and can make the wood visually unappealing (think peeling paint) and can damage the wood physically by weakening the structure. If this happens to you make sure you clean deeply in the area most affected by the rot before you apply wood hardener. This will strengthen any rotting and decaying wood on your windows.
  1. Oil your windows regularly – Applying oil or wax into all the hinges and frame will loosen up your windows motion. This will save you from having to strain your back to force your window to open and close, and potentially damaging the frame with too much force. Clean and remove any dust or cobwebs before applying any oily product for the best outcome.
  1. Stop sticking – Sliding Sash windows are notorious for sticking. One of the main causes is often a bad paint job which when done incorrectly seals the window in the wrong place. The best solution? If you see any dried paint on the window frames take a sharp object and carefully peal it off.
  1. Keep your windows clean –To ensure your windows are kept in the best condition make sure you give them a deep clean at least once a year. But be sure to avoid doing so on hot sunny days as this as the sun tends to dry out the wood too quickly.
  2. Watch out for timber decay – Wood is one of the best natural insulators and when taken care of correctly can last for a very long time. Unfortunately, exposure to moisture can ruin the structure of timber and the easiest way to avoid this is to keep windows clean and dry.
  1. Replace broken or damaged cords immediately – Broken or damaged cords can easily be rectified. Sashes are hung on cords that pass over pulleys which are connected to weights. When these get damaged you should replace the cord with one the same diameter as the first. A top tip for you, all-braided cords are more durable than twisted cords.


The launch of the Sliding Sash Designer app, which allows you to zoom in, out, flip and rotate your windows, giving you the power over your windows, has had great success. Take a look today and design your own windows from the comfort of your home or desk.


If you’re ready to renovate your windows or need help when it comes to designing your sliding sash windows call us on 01782644871.