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It’s time to weatherproof those windows!

January 11, 2018 ~ Wooden Windows

We have definitely not seen the last of this cold weather, and now Christmas is out of the way, perhaps it’s time to start thinking about upgrading your windows?

It couldn’t be easier to design your perfect windows with our window builder programme. If you love your current windows but they aren’t performing you can recreate them on our website.

Eradicate drafts with a Stormproof window which is a high performance timber casement or opt for a flush casement window. The name Stormproof comes from the design, which includes a casement that slightly overlaps the face of the frame when closed, this design offers additional protection against the elements in areas of extreme exposure.

You can paint it whatever colour takes your fancy and select the glass panes to suit your requirements. It takes away the stress and pressure, which is the last thing you want after the festive period.

If you combine it with double-glazing and engineered timber, you can enjoy exceptional energy efficiency and it will be low maintenance. Our Stormproof windows are resilient, watertight and draughtproof which is what you need during our cold British winters.

If you have sash windows and you’re worried about losing the charm of your period property by replacing them, you needn’t worry. Again, you can design to the exact spec of your current ones and install fresh new windows that match your previous ones but without the rattling. They are of a premium quality, using engineered timber to offer natural durability, strength and a superb surface for painting to the colour you want.

That’s the beauty of our window builder tool. You can have your window exactly how you want it. Design it yourself or call one of our friendly team for fantastic advice and guidance. You could even part design your window yourself and then call our staff to help complete it so you’re happy with the results.

If you’re ready to start thinking about your home renovation take a look at our window builder or call us on 01782 644 871.