Holly Cottage using Staffordshire Flush casement in Oak – Wooden Windows

Holly Cottage using Staffordshire Flush casement in Oak

April 24, 2018 ~ alexh1


This case study focuses on the old cottage of retired tool hire businessman and his wife Mr and Mrs Darby from Shropshire who are undergoing a top to bottom refurbishment on their home.

Mr and Mrs Darby have restored their timber windows a couple of times over the years, never feeling completely satisfied with other companies. The windows have not lasted, and the customer service did not match their expectations. The current ones started to rot so the sudden need to replace these in the middle of an internal refurbishment was an unwanted headache but needed addressing. They needed help and fast.

A company who can operate a fast production and delivery turnaround where needed. They did think about aluminium windows but after some careful consideration stuck with the decision that timber frames suited the style of their old cottage.

Once timber frames where decided upon the search for a trustworthy company which was reasonably priced begun. Mr and Mrs Darby’s son had used sister company to Wooden Windows -Stairbox for a replacement staircase and was pleasantly surprised with the price, support and service.

So the call was made to consider Wooden Windows for their needs. The lead time of 7-10 working days from order was attractive and the support from the office team in particular Karl Day was overwhelming. “The depth and smooth look of the Oak windows beats everything hands down for us and matches the character of our cottage, we are really pleased and would like to thank Karl in particular”, commented Mrs Darby.

All Windows pictured are Staffordshire flush casement in Oak – Wooden Windows model available in bespoke sizes.

If you could also let us know how long you have been a customer for and your rating out of 5 that would be great…….

Mr. and Mrs. Darby of Holly Cottage, Shropshire are new customers and award Wooden Windows a 5 Star rating!