Building and window conversion in Tarporley, Cheshire – Wooden Windows

Building and window conversion in Tarporley, Cheshire

April 24, 2018 ~ alexh1


This redevelopment was started early 2018 by Richard Wilson of Richard Wilson construction Nantwich. Richard and his team were tasked with transforming an old building into small flats in Tarpolrey Cheshire. It was essential that these were in keeping with the rural, local feel of the area.

Where did the idea come from to create your Windows and/or Doors and why use Wooden Windows?

Richard has known Wooden Windows Director Mark Winter for over 15 years using the Windows and Doors on countless other jobs. When this project got off the ground Mark was Richard’s first call as he is reliable, offers great pricing and reliable and fast delivery.

Did you use the Online Window and/or Door Builder or use one of the team members for support when designing these Windows/Doors?

Richard and his team usually telephone the office and get support that way, with a quick conversation involving the measurements and spec a price and delivery date is generated. Instantly! This is a big part of the reason why Richard used Wooden Windows time and time again. When developing properties reliability of suppliers is a must, so using Wooden Windows takes some of the stress out of the project management aspect.

If you could let us know how long you have been a customer for and your rating out of 5 that would be great……

As mentioned above Richard Wilson construction has been a customer for over 15 years, and awards Wooden Windows 5 out of 5 stars – based on service, price and delivery!