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Are my windows ready to be replaced?

August 17, 2018 ~ Wooden Windows

It can be expensive to replace all the windows in your property. So how do you know when you really need to change them?

Some key indicators that you should look out for are:

  • Struggling to open them or worrying they’ll fall off if you do
  • Seeing condensation build up on the inside, especially when you wake up
  • Your house is cold, and your heating bills are rising because they’re not retaining heat

Some window issues may be repairable, which is great, but often it could end up being a lot more expensive than just biting the bullet and installing a new set.

Here are some signs that your windows may not be worth repairing:

  • Your windows have rot
  • The casement is sagging
  • There is fogged double-pane glass
  • Replacement parts are nearly impossible to find

You may have identified just one culprit window on your house which is ticking all these boxes and you want to replace it but don’t want to change any others. However, just one new window, even if it’s the same as the rest, will always stand out next to old windows. Those with a keen eye will spot the difference, and if one has already gone, the rest will soon follow. There’s a big chance there will be discolouration in the older panes and frames. So, it’s certainly worth changing all windows on the same side of your property at once to make sure they’re consistent and look great.

There are lots of benefits to installing new wooden windows, including fewer drafts and energy saving, it’s a real investment.

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